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Robert Marcinkiewicz - collector Futbol Club Barcelona, mainly with most authentic collection coming directly from the FC Barcelona.


Collector with several years of experience. It's most impressive collection of Barça on the Polish market and also in Europe.

His collection is characterized by an impressive amount of memorabilia. This is the result of passion, huge knowledge, commitment and determination.


Robert is a group of people who follow the love of football to club Futbol Club Barcelona.


He is a person who realizes his ambitions, passions and dreams.

He met a lot of people related very close with the club Futbol Club Barcelona and got a chance of being "inside" of the club.


He met many wonderful people, Socios during trips to matches Barça and other football lovers who share their passion together and experience too. He could talk with them about football for hours.


"The real passion begins when you live with it every day, hour, minute. Being a collector of such a great club, which is Barça at this stage and by many years, it is an honor, a huge effort, commitment and time spent for the passion''.  - Robert.


Why did you decide to open the Fcbarcelonacollection.com website?


"The site include personal collection FC Barcelona. Football, especially the club and the history associated with the ''Blaugrana'' this is part of my life and my lifestyle. With full awareness, I can say that Futbol Club Barcelona is for me a very important  affect in my life and has a huge impact on my life too. This indissoluble connection over twenty seasons. This is an incredible ''journey'' in numberless places. The Known new people and hundreds of unforgettable memories''.


Do you have a valuable and unique souvenirs. Do you agree with this?


"A unique collection of Futbol Club Barcelona is identified with a phenomenal history and tradition of the club. Successes and failure. Individual souvenirs have their own separate history of the club, which inspired the slogan "Mes Que Un Club" create a collection of something unusual''.


A wonderful collection of Futbol Club Barcelona, where have started your passion to football with the city of Gaudi?


''Let's go back to the 1996/1997 season. The beginning this kind of infatuation Barça. We played a beautiful attacking football. I fell in love with the concept and philosophy of Barcelona. The idea of possession the ball. I remember a former football player and current manager of Fc Barcelona, Luis Enrique Martinez Garcia. We had then so ambitious team. Certainly watch the show on the pitch. Nou Camp was and is an great place''.


"I would like to thank every single person who has influenced the progress of my passion for many years''.


"Thank you very much to everyone of the Futbol Club Barcelona, Barcelonismo, collectors, and many other great people. I hope that each of you will be a regular guest Fcbarcelonacollection.com''.